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Sensor Solutions 2019 International Conference

26th-27th March 2019, Brussels, Belgium

THREE cutting edge complimentary conferences and ONE dedicated exhibition featuring leading players from across the globe

Registration at one conference allows access to other conference sessions

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2019 Speakers Include

Danny Hughes
Kris De Meester
Lux Research
Thomas Dawidczyk
Erich Smidt
University of Manchester
Mohamed Missous
Rainer Minixhofer
Barbara Panella
ReVibe Energy AB
Viktor Börjesson
Toposens GmbH
Tobias Bahnemann
EV Group
Martin Eibelhuber
VTT Technical Research Centre
Anna Rissanen
TDK Electronics AG
Holger Hegner
Lifesense Group
Valer Pop
Fraunhofer IISB
Susanne Oertel
Nicolas Sauvage
Bosch Sensortec
Wolfgang Schmitt-Hahn
TDK Micronas
Julien Fabrègues
Holst Centre
Edsger Smits
Mathieu Bellanger
Aryballe Technologies
Tristan Rousselle


Danny Hughes, VersaSense
Kris De Meester, Xenomatix
Thomas Dawidczyk, Lux Research
Erich Smidt, Velodyne
Mohamed Missous, University of Manchester

Rainer Minixhofer, AMS AG
Barbara Panella, ABB
Viktor Börjesson, ReVibe Energy AB
Tobias Bahnemann, Toposens GmbH
Martin Eibelhuber, EV Group

Anna Rissanen, VTT Technical Research Centre
Holger Hegner, TDK Electronics AG
Valer Pop, Lifesense Group
Susanne Oertel, Fraunhofer IISB
Nicolas Sauvage, TDK-InvenSense

Wolfgang Schmitt-Hahn, Bosch Sensortec
Julien Fabrègues, TDK Micronas
Edsger Smits, Holst Centre
Mathieu Bellanger, Lightricity
Tristan Rousselle, Aryballe Technologies

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Sensor Solutions: Market Opportunities

26th-27th March 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Co-located with the CS International and PIC International

2 days, 10 themes

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Sensor Solutions Gallery 2018

View the Sensor Solutions 2018 gallery now.

Sensor Solutions: Market Opportunities

26th-27th March, 2019, sheraton brussels airport hotel, Belgium

3 Conferences, 2 Days, 1 Ticket

Sensor technology is evolving consistently and is an integral part of all the major industries. Sensor systems and electronic instrumentations are highest growing segments in the semiconductor market. The future of the global sensor market looks bright, with opportunities in the industrial, healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace/defence industries.

The rising demand for sensors and key drivers for this robust market growth include technological evolutions, the growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), growing usage of sensors in smartphones, strong demand in the automation industry (Industry 4.0), growth in the automotive industry, increasing demand for wearables, increased use of image sensors in applications like cameras, increased use of fingerprint sensors for various purposes and miniaturization of sensors.

Sensor Solutions International is a two-day, high tech event where attendees will gain an up-to-date overview of the of the global sensor industry, from 30+ key stake holders. In addition delegates will enjoy unique networking opportunities to meet other key players within this community. Attend SSI and understand the opportunity for your company.

Sensor Solutions International is part of AngelTech, which delivers a portfolio of insightful, informative, highly valued chip-level conferences. Bringing together 3 conferences, 600+ delegates, 80+ exhibitors, 120+ presentations and numerous networking opportunities, AngelTech is the number one global event covering compound semiconductor, photonic integrated circuit and sensor technologies. With a strong over-lap between the three conferences, attendees and exhibitors are exposed to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases.

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