2022 Event

Sensor Solutions International 2022

From LiDAR to odor sensors - a ride over the world of semiconductor-based sensing in 2 days

The 2022 edition of Sensor Solutions International (SSI), from June 27 to 29, again was a prime opportunity to unite the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry with the community of sensing applications. Kicked-off by a beautiful evening reception with Belgian food and drinks the 2 conference days provided a unique setup for networking paired with insightful presentations.

The charm of SSI lies in its width of technologies and applications. Semicon process designers, high-end manufacturing technology providers as well as a broad range of OEMs of MEMS, image sensors, ultra-precise pressure sensors, odor sensors, VCSELs, laser spectrometers, LiDAR devices were presenting and exchanging the latest advancements with ecosystem providers for AI- and non-AI-based data processing. Target applications ranged massively from automotive ADAS over healthcare-related wearables to the automatic analysis of fresh milk per cow.

The joint exhibition area with the conjuncted conferences “Compound Semiconductors” (CS) and “Photonic Integrated Circuits” (PIC) as well as coffee breaks, lunch buffets, and evening receptions created ample occasions where the peers from the different industries were mixing up, exchanged ideas, and developed opportunities for collaboration. Especially after the Corona-dependent outage of networking events, the 700 delegates massively enjoyed and utilized this great opportunity to network.

Sensor Solutions International presenters again offered deep insights and perspectives into the rapidly changing world of advanced semiconductor-based sensing. In the future, such opportunities will be sought-for and remain one of the key drivers of innovation in the international semiconductor and sensing community.