Two days, 5 themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

Presentation at Sensor Solutions International 2022 are grouped into 5 key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of the global sensors industry.

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Autonomous Transport & Delivery: LiDAR / Sonics / Digital Cameras

Autonomous transport and delivery industries present some of the greatest opportunities for advanced sensors including those employed in LiDAR, Radar, ultrasonic and digital imaging systems.

Healthcare & Wellness: Wearables / Portables / Fixed Diagnostics

This theme will explore sensors and SoCs for healthcare, AI’s role, and the need for secure data processing to monitor, diagnose, and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Edge Data Analytics: AI / Machine Learning / Big Data / Digital Prototyping

Intelligent infrastructure systems with machine learning capabilities working in tandem with cloud-based analytics or in-device processing are fundamentally changing the way we think about edge computing services.

Harsh Environments: Space / Aviation & Aerospace / Subsurface & Extreme Heavy Industry

The challenges of manufacturing sensors that withstand harsh environmental conditions along with key issues tied to powering devices and securely collecting data from sensors deployed.

Substrates/Materials Science/Innovative Technology

Electronic materials, new substrates, epitaxy innovations and technologies supporting ‘More than Moore’ performance strategies are opening the doors to new sensor types including flexible devices and myriad opportunities for new classes of sensor enabled applications.