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Sensor Solutions International


High-end sensor devices are an increasingly significant share of the global machine sensory market that is expected to exceed 30 billion devices by 2020 with revenue of (USD) $20 billion. We will explore opportunities for the most advanced sensors that deliver higher performance, ruggedness and longer operational lifetimes. We will examine new technologies that are cutting costs while increasing effectiveness. We will explore product development within major high-end sensor categories and ways that researchers and manufacturers are investigating to enhance performance, reduce power consumption, and improve efficiency.

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Who attends?

Sensors Solutions International offer unique performance, size and durability benefits that have strong appeal in many commercial, aviation, defence and aerospace markets. Continuing Internet of Things (IoT) growth is extending the potential of high-end sensor technology deeper into Industry 4.0/the IIoT and data analytics. Professionals with high-end sensor interests include analysts, product marketers, researchers and product developers as well as the design and manufacturing engineers directly tied to building physical devices. All are concerned with the issues, technologies and research that will affect the creation of advanced sensors for consumer products, security, transportation and defence systems.

  • Product development managers/engineers
  • Business development managers/directors
  • Applications field engineers / Field applications support techs
  • Product marketing managers/directors
  • Manufacturing managers/engineers
  • Market analysts
  • Systems integrators
  • Chief technology officer
  • Quality assurance / metrology / warranty engineers


The presentations will be based around ten topics which collectively provide complete coverage of the high-end sensor market.

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The must attend conference for all professionals involved within the sensor solutions market.